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EASE Preparing for Pet Loss Support Programme

Visit the EASE website to access a wide range of support literature, including podcasts, Support Sheets and writings on many aspects of grief from losing a beloved companion animal. These are all free to download or to listen to.



Lessons Alive websiteTo find out how Lessons Alive can help children whose education is affected by bereavement, visit the website or contact Gail Hugman on

Gail works with people who, like her, want to secure the best of all that is naturally human in the children in their care and who are prepared to ‘go the extra mile’ to support them and make a difference. Lessons Alive is not a ‘quick fix’, although it often does get quick results.



"In the encouragement of every woman's future, working towards a greater mutuality between the genders" For more information about Feminenza and its activities worldwide, visit the website.