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The Ruby Care Foundation has completed its first on-line Course and it quickly became clear that the audio-video facility we used was an effective way of working with people from all around the world simultaneously. A new Course starts in February 2017 and covers all aspects of caring for the terminally ill, the dying and the bereaved, and how to work with all concerned, whether family or close friends.

The new structure will be divided into three yearly parts:

  • Level One (the ‘what’ of it) is for those interested in the subject and who would like a basic grounding in the kind of care mooted by the RCF
  • Level Two (the ‘how’ of it) covers the psychological, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of people facing the final part of life’s journey; the individuality and uniqueness of all concerned; getting to grips with what goes on inside of those facing death, dying and terminal illness. This part is for people wishing to work in this area of care or maybe seeking to add to their existing skills. Level One must be completed before doing Level Two
  • Level Three (the ‘why’ of it) delves deeply into the purposes behind the content of the first two levels and takes into account the foundational principles and ethos of the RCF; why people do what they do (behavioural sciences); the meaning of life and living and why that must end in dying. This part is constructed around Personal Development, and how to go about that and is for those who maybe already work with the dying and who want to get behind the great questions of life such as: Why am I here? Where am I going after here? What’s it all about anyway? It is for those seeking to elevate to the practice of a new Template of Care Excellence.

The payment structure has been refined and, whilst keeping the cost of £10 per session the same, the requirement is to pay for six sessions in advance. Each monthly session will be approximately two hours duration and includes individual and group exercises as well as tutorials. Access to each session is on receipt of payment.

The Course is delivered via an on-line audio-video facility which allows many to attend at the same time. We provide a phone call, prior to the Course, to assist confidence for those unfamiliar with the technology.

A Course-completion Certificate can be provided at the end of each year.

Do contact us (Contact) if you are interested in hearing more or to book now to join. If you are interested in off-line group courses, similar Courses will be held in London, Holland and New York contact any of the following:


Diana Gonzalez:
Andrea Kennard:
Judith Pocock:


Josina van Schaik:


Janice Sauer:





PATHWAY 1: A New Template of Care

A foundational Pathway putting in place the platforms of care that should be afforded to each individual life nearing departure, constructed against the unique, inner needs of each person; the importance of the self-value that those who care for the ill and traumatised need to hold about themselves

Module 1 Care and the Humanities
Module 2 Transition via acceptance, settlement and fortification, the basic tripod of care.
Module 3 The Dignity inherent to the human being.


PATHWAY 2: Taking the Fear away from Dying

Understanding that death is a natural part of life’s journey; bringing death out from behind the fears and taboos that surround it; enabling carers to assist towards acceptance and settlement and a peaceful departure. This Pathway (all three levels) is the main work of The Ruby Care Foundation

Module 1 A natural Theatre of Change
Module 2 Understanding and relegating fears and taboos
Module 3 Understanding death and its processes by first understanding life


PATHWAY 3: Grief and Loss

An exploration into the complex and far-reaching processes of dying, bereavement and loss that affect all aspects of our lives in ways which are little understood; the ways and means to provide easement

Module 1 The process of grieving
Module 2 True listening – high and low pressure
Module 3 Family and Friends


PATHWAY 4: The Companion Counsellor/Carer

Insights, ways and means that support and strengthen the carer, enabling them to improve their skills; this Pathway also benefits those wishing to improve life skills

Module 1 Balances
Module 2 Self-protection and self-cleaning
Module 3 'Know Thyself'


PATHWAY 5: Ecology/Surroundings

The difference the right kind of ecology makes; if we can make these right the rest falls naturally into place

Module 1 Well-being
Module 2 A place of safety and settlement
Module 3 Choice and personal wishes


PATHWAY 6: Administrative and Practical Considerations

Necessary practicalities that promote settlement and peaceful departure for all concerned

Module 1 Promises and last wishes – family and friends
Module 2 Final letter-writing and memory boxes.
Module 3 Will making


For general enquiries about future training opportunities, please contact:

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