Ruby Care Foundation

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What we do

We aim to fill a gap in the help available for those facing the end of their lives, by assisting to relegate fears and worries, thus allowing the freedom to depart cleanly and safely, with the dignity, self-value and respect to which all life aspires. We applaud the valuable work already being done by many different care professionals, and we work alongside these existing services, so often short-staffed and over-stretched, by making the time for the necessary emotional and spiritual settlement.

When there has been a diagnosis of any terminal illness, not just Cancer, then we will support and guide you the patient, family and/or friends, all together or separately, to help you come to terms with what you are all now facing, in different ways.


  • We can come to your home, talk with you on the phone, or accompany you throughout in hospital, hospice or nursing home
  • We help you deal with practicalities like making a Will and understanding and compiling a Living Will. We advise on how to ensure your wishes are adhered to during terminal care and treatment, particularly where there is the fear of losing control of your faculties. We will help with arranging a funeral, preparing a body for interment, officiating at a funeral - anything where you feel the need for support and kindly, unobtrusive assistance - all the while empowering you to be as fully engaged in the process as you would want to be, or even not at all
  • We offer befriending, companionship and, if necessary, professional in-depth counselling, during the whole time of the approach to the inevitable departure of life. Close family and friends may wish to play a more integrated part in the process of dying, and we will encourage, nurture and support them, without judgement or bias. We continue our support of family and friends after the death of their loved one, and provide care and understanding to fortify the life that is ending, and the lives of those left grieving.
  • If you simply want a listening ear, a voice of support, or someone not directly involved with the medical aspects of your life to talk to, then call us. We work alongside those in the caring professions, being able to give the time needed that sometimes over-stretched professionals are simply unable to offer
  • We do all of the above, and anything else you feel you may need in terms of support, counsel, back-up, mental, emotional and spiritual settlement, easement and disentanglement


We are continually training others to help in this field, to any degree that they want to become involved - either as friend volunteer, hospice visitor, or full-time companion-counsellor. Many people who have gone through bereavement themselves, perhaps even nursing their own partner through the dying process, often dearly wish to help others in the same position - and we wholeheartedly welcome these to our organisation. This kind of real help is sorely needed all over the world, and we will try to make it possible for anyone who wants to engage in this kind of honourable and humbling assistance to find a way of expression.


Aims and Objectives

The Ruby Care Foundation is an educational charity, Registered No. 1091234. It is not affiliated to any religious organisation, nor to any other organisation that serves the terminally ill, the dying or the bereaved.

The Charity was established to serve the following objectives:

  1. To relieve the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical distress of people with terminal illness, facing their own death, or suffering from bereavement or loss of any kind, by the provision of support and counselling
  2. To advance public education by provision of training in caring for the terminally ill, companioning the dying, support-counselling the bereaved and related matters

In the furtherance of these, the Charity:

  • Offers understanding, care and easement to people approaching the time of their death, and to their families and friends
  • Offers sound advice regarding such things as Wills, funeral plans and all matters to do with tidying-up ones affairs at the end of life
  • Offers careful and loving bereavement support and counselling to those who have already lost a loved one
  • Offers help on how to deal with fears, anger, loneliness and other emotions and feelings that arise at the difficult time surrounding death
  • Provides special counselling training, together with talks, lectures and courses on the subjects of death, dying, grief and bereavement, based on the studies and researches of the Ruby Care Foundation international support team

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